General Information for Reviewers

The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics publishes original research, reviews, case reports, and clinical material related to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. All articles submitted to the journal are peer reviewed in a double-blind review process. We ask authors to blind their submissions to conceal their identity (and often, their location) from the reviewers; likewise, the identities of the reviewers are concealed from the authors. Sometimes absolute blinding of a submission is not practical. If the submission you are invited to review has not been adequately blinded, please mention this in your review but otherwise do your best to complete the review impartially. If you are not able to be impartial, please contact the editor or the journal office.

To submit your review online, please log in to Editorial Manager as a Reviewer and select “Pending Assignments.” The next window will show any submissions you have agreed to review. If the Action column (the first column on the left) is collapsed, click on the small plus sign (+) to expand it. Then select “View Submission.” This will automatically download a copy of the blinded submission to your computer. Depending on how your computer is configured, you might have to search for the downloaded file; the file name will begin “AJODO-D-…..” and will include a number and the extension PDF. If the submission has been revised and resubmitted, the file name will also include an “R1” or “R2” designation. During the review process, you can use the “View Linked References” link to see the full text of many articles cited in the submission; or you can use the “Similar articles in MEDLINE” link to search for other published articles.

When you are ready, select “Submit Recommendation.” A standard review form will open, and you will be asked to rate the submission and enter Comments to the Author as well as Confidential Comments to the Editor. You will find several buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Select “Save and submit later” to save the information you have entered without submitting it to the journal office; the review-in-progress will be saved, and you can return later to complete it.
  • Select “Upload Reviewer Attachments” to upload a Word document, an image, or a PDF that you want the author or editors to see.
  • Select “Proceed” when you are satisfied with your review and are ready to submit it.

Randomized Clinical Trials

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have specific and unique reporting requirements. You can download an RCT evaluation form here. Please complete this form offline as part of your review and upload it as a review attachment.

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Systematic Review and Meta-analyses (SRs) have specific and unique reporting requirements. You can download an SR evaluation form here. Please complete this form offline as part of your review and upload it as a Review Attachment.

Clinician’s Corner

The Clinician's Corner section of the AJO-DO features brief reports that provide clinical information relevant to the practice of orthodontics. They may be case reports that illustrate unique diagnostic findings, or demonstrate a unique treatment protocol and clinical outcome, or reports providing new or updated clinical information. Excellent documentation is required, but complete orthodontic records are not necessary. The discussion section is of paramount importance. The author should discuss the elements that make the report valuable, elaborate on the rationale for the treatment decisions, and examine the outcome by exploration and analysis of the published literature on the topic.

Case Report

Case Reports published in the AJO-DO should include the following sections: Introduction, Diagnosis, Etiology, Treatment objectives, Treatment alternatives, Treatment Progress, Treatment results, Discussion, and a short Conclusion. Reviewers are asked to evaluate each section, as well as the following elements: completeness of records, quality of records and treatment, uniqueness of the case, and finally overall quality of the manuscript. It is recommended to download the high-resolution figures when evaluating the quality of the submitted records. You can also download a weighted evaluation form for the Case Report here. The authors will appreciate comments on each section and suggestions for improvement, and a summary of the review will be helpful to the editor. Please complete this form offline as part of your review and upload it as a Review Attachment.