Case of the Month Video Collection

November 2021

Class II malocclusion treatment with a customized dual force distalizer.   (Full Size)

Aron Aliaga-Del Castillo, Luciano Soldevilla, Marcelo Vinicius Valerio, Lorena Vilanova, Luis Ernesto Arriola-Guillén, Guilherme Janson

August 2021

Three-dimensional assessment of virtual bracket removal for orthodontic retainers: A prospective clinical study  (Full Size)

Kaitlin Marsh, Andre Weissheimer, Kaifeng Yin, Alexandra Chamberlain-Umanoff, Hongsheng Tong, Glenn T. Sameshima

June 2021

Trends in the choice of a clinician for orthodontic treatment in the United States  (Full Size)

Jae Hyun Park, Janet H. Kim, R. Curtis Bay, M. Ali Darendeliler, Morgan Wishney, Norman J. Nagel

April 2021

Nonsurgical treatment of an adult with skeletal Class III malocclusion, anterior crossbite, and an impacted canine  (Full Size)

Carlos Bellot-Arcís, Verónica García-Sanz, Vanessa Paredes-Gallardo

March 2021

August 2020

Miniscrew mechanics for molar distalization and incisor intrusion in a patient with a Class II brachyfacial pattern and gummy smile  (Full Size)

Vanessa Paredes-Gallardo, Carlos Bellot-Arcís, Verónica García-Sanz
Orthodontics Teaching Unit, Department of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

May 2020

Mandibular micrognathia and vertical maxillary excess correction with combination LeFort I and inverted L osteotomies   (Full Size)

Hunter Boss, Jae Hyun Park, Albert Carlotti, Michael Papademetriou, John Grubb

February 2020

Nonsurgical treatment of skeletal maxillary protrusion with gummy smile using headgear for growth control, mini-implants as anchorage for maxillary incisor intrusion, and premolar extractions for incisor retraction   (Full Size)

Armando Yukio Saga, Eustáquio Afonso Aráujo, Oscar Mario Antelo, Thiago Martins Meira, and Orlando Motohiro Tanaka
Curitiba, Brazil, and St. Louis, Mo

December 2019

Selective osteotomy-assisted molar uprighting and simultaneous ridge augmentation for implant site development   (Full Size)

Jing Zhou, Xin She, Preston D. Miller, and Hai Yao
Charleston and Clemeson, SC

November 2019

Retreatment of a patient: Orthognathic surgery-first approach with customized lingual appliances combined with miniplate anchorage   (Full Size)

Graziane Olímpio Pereira, Wilana Moura, Guilherme Janson, José Fernando Castanha Henriques, Carlos Henrique Guimarães Jr, Ravindra Nanda

October 2019

September 2019

Multidisciplinary treatment with a customized lingual appliance for an adult patient with severe Class III malocclusion and multiple missing teeth   (Full Size)

Mariano Gallone, Massimo Robiony, Daniele Bordonali, Giovanni Bruno, Alberto De Stefani, Antonio Gracco

July 2019

Correcting severe scissor bite in an adult   (Full Size)

Un-Bong Baik, Yunji Kim, Junji Sugawara, Christine Hong, Jae Hyun Park

June 2019

A simple approach to correct ectopic eruption of maxillary canines   (Full Size)

Jamille Barros Ferreira, Giordani Santos Silveira, José Nelson Mucha