Smile attractiveness of Persian women after orthodontic treatment


      • Buccal corridor space and lip line affect smile attractiveness of Persian women.
      • Laypeople rated smiles with smaller buccal corridor space and moderate lip lines as more attractive.
      • No significant difference was noted in smile attractiveness ratings based on rater sex and level of education.


      Achieving a balanced, attractive smile is an important goal in contemporary orthodontics. This study aimed to assess the smile attractiveness of Persian women after orthodontic treatment.


      In this descriptive-analytical study, frontal-view photographs were taken of posed smiles of 100 Persian women 3 months after completion of their orthodontic treatment. A total of 153 laypeople aged over 15 years were requested to score each smile in terms of attractiveness using a visual analogue scale (1-10). Next, 25 photographs that acquired the lowest score (group A) and 25 photographs that acquired the highest score (group B) were chosen and evaluated by 3 orthodontists regarding parameters related to an attractive smile. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 18.


      The mean buccal corridor space in group A was significantly greater than that in group B (P = 0.004). The correlation of lip line and study group was significant such that 60% of patients in group B had a moderate lip line (P = 0.005). The difference in other parameters was not significant between the 2 groups (P >0.05).


      The buccal corridor space and lip line are important factors affecting smile attractiveness of Persian women. According to the opinion of the laypeople, smaller buccal corridor space and moderate lip line yield a more attractive smile. Thus, these parameters should be taken into account in the orthodontic treatment of Persian women.
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